About Me

I’ve written books for all age groups and all genres. I’m a teacher of creative writing and creative thinking. This website touches on everything I do.

1I’m passionate about writing and the different ways we can find to switch on our imaginations. I love to mix art, music and drama together. I use visualisation and meditation as part of my creative practice. I bring all these colourful techniques to both my writing, and my teaching. I studied at art college and worked initially in graphic design, which took me to America where I taught screen printing to teenagers. From this I worked with disadvantaged young people.

Later, back in the UK, I spent over ten years in schools before moving to teach at university. I have experience with all Key Stages. I run creative workshops pitched for any age or ability, including more reluctant readers/writers and ‘gifted and talented’ pupils.

As an author, the three questions I’m asked most often are:

‘Where do you get your ideas?’ ‘What sorts of books do you write?’ ‘What are you writing right now?’ 

I’ve answered all three on this site. I’ve woven writerly advice in amongst the book pages, and I’ll be exploring creative ways to work as I evolve my latest ideas and see what shapes they make.

Below is a list of things I do, or have done…

  • • Award Winning Children’s author.
  • • Award Winning Young Adult Fiction author.
  • • Teacher of Creative Writing.
  • • Lecturer in Creative Writing (University of Winchester).
  • • Creative, interactive workshops for schools.
  • • Writing Residencies.
  • • Inspiring adults in creative writing.
  • • Teaching teachers creative skills.
  • • Consultancy work.
  • • Conference speaking (literacy, creative writing, creative thinking).
  • • Wordtamer Website.
  • • Bringing creativity to wide variety of venues, including theatres, museums, art galleries and even train stations.
  • • Transferable skills – mixing art, music and drama with creative writing.

Whether you’re a reader, writer or teacher and regardless of your age, I hope this site has something for you.